Treatment Approach

Our approach at the Sports Chiropractic Center focuses on providing our patients with a collaborative treatment approach to regain their active lifestyle.

Sports Chiropractic Center has been offering patients specialized chiropractic care since 1994 for treatments relating to sports injuries and overuse as well as many with active lifestyle injuries.

Our goal is to share our knowledge and create a treatment plan that helps you regain both short-term and long-term strength and offers you a strategic path for better physical health.

The collaboration begins with the first physical evaluation and interview session and continues on through the processes of guiding you back to health and providing continuing guidance and treatment.

We believe that to effectively treat you as you proceed along your life long journey, we need to …
– work closely with you to determine and pinpoint the cause(s)
– treat you with purpose and positive effect
– and guide you back to health

Dr. Scheid is dedicated to relieving your pain.
Believe it or not, pain doesn’t have to be a daily part of your life. If you’ve given up o ever feeling good again, we offer hope. Dr. Scheid has the training and experienced touch to sooth your pain and get you back to your active life again. Even where other doctors and treatments have failed, we have had success. We strive to get you out of pain and feeling good for life.

A doctor is known for his thorough diagnosis.
The first step to an effective treatment plan is a proper and complete diagnosis of your problem. Dr. Scheid has the experience and training to make that diagnosis. He has seen thousands of patients with a variety of injuries and degenerative problems. Plus, he has special training in sports and recreational injuries, as well as expertise in biomechanics. This means Dr. Scheid can get to the source of your pain quickly and, treat it effectively from the start.

Call us at 562-594-4794 to schedule your complimentary consultation today. Don’t live with pain another day when you can be on your way to better health!