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I am writing this letter to introduce Dr. Daniel Sheid, a friend and valuable part of our program at USC. Dr. Scheid is our team chiropractor. His advice and expertise on biomechanics help to keep our athletes healthy while his skills as a practitioner aids in healing the injured swimmers quickly. With his assistance, our swimmers continue to perform at a high level even when injured. I have seen amazing recoveries following his treatments. In one particular case, a team member awoke the morning of a big meet with severe shoulder pain. She could not lift her arm above her head and had virtually no strength. Following Dr. Scheid’s treatment, the swimmer went out and won two events, placed second in another and was a member of a winning relay race. In another case, one of our swimmers was in a car accident, causing numerous injuries and inflicting a great deal of pain. After treatment and nutritional advice, she was soon back in the water, feeling much better, and performing well. Dr. Dan Scheid is a valuable resource. I am confident that he can help your athletes stay healthy, as well as quicken the recovery process of injury. He also offers informative educational talks and workshops to coaches, athletes and parents on how to enhance performance and prevent injuries. Give him a call at (562) 594-4794. You will be glad you did! Sincerely, Mark E. Schubert Head Coach USC Swimming
I’ve been a patient of Dr. Scheid’s for four years now. I’m 46 years old and have been a lifelong athlete — everything from grade school baseball and basketball, junior high and high school track, cross-country and wrestling, as well as collegiate bicycle racing and gymnastics, then bodybuilding, powerlifting, Navy SEAL training, high-altitude mountaineering and, most recently, running ultramarathons and a return to cycling as a competitor in Masters Division racing. I’ve always pushed my body hard, often resulting in injury and overuse conditions, and even had back surgery for a herniated disc. Prior to being treated by Dr. Scheid, I’ve literally seen dozens of chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, medical doctors and sports injury professionals and trainers during the past 20 years. I can unequivocally state that Dr. Scheid stands heads and shoulders above them all in terms of not only technique and treatment but also in his understanding of how the body works and why. Without his care, it’s doubtful I’d still be a competing athlete at this point in my life. Although Dr. Scheid excels as a chiropractor, I believe his greatest gift is the ability to rehabilitate muscle and connective tissue damage. I have never seen a health care professional more in tune with an athlete’s needs or a greater understanding of the stresses competitive sports places on the body. Even if you’re not injured now — or just want to stay that way — go see Dr. Dan. He can make you a better athlete, keep you in the game, and help you reach your performance potential. Tim Chauran
Until I started seeing Dr. Scheid my experience with chiropractors had been quite disappointing – mainly adjustments to my neck and back. I am very impressed with his knowledge about the body – bone structure, muscle, nerves – and his holistic approach to treatment. In one visit, Dr. Scheid was able to diagnose and treat a knee problem that I had had for years; a problem which had eluded 5 orthopedic doctors and 2 MRI’s. More recently he has helped me rehabilitate a sprained ankle. I highly recommend Dr. Scheid to all my friends and colleagues and you too! Dr. Nicola Peill
Dear Doctor Dan – Being new to Southern California and unfamiliar with the area made it fate I found you. I’ve seen two chiropractors back home in Washington State and never have I had such thorough treatment that brought relief so incredibly fast. I came to you on a Thursday felt instantly better and within days I was almost 100%. What I appreciate most is how you explain the techniques used to treat the body. I have never seen a Chiropractor that treated the alignment of the spine and the muscles surrounding it. I feel extremely safe in your hands and know I will walk out of your office healthier than when I walked in! Thanks for keeping me in shape! Demauri T.