Your Posture Is The Key to Your Health

Posture is not a position, but a dynamic pattern of reflexes, habits, and adaptive responses to anything that resists you being more or less upright and functional. How is your posture? We can help you evaluate it and help you create a routine to improve yours for better health.
Dr. Scheid’s approach to treating structural and muscular injuries begins with addressing and treating the traumatic injury and then creating a maintenance program to promote and maintain a consistent state of wellness.
Posture is a critical component to wellness, and Dr. Scheid has specialized in creating good posture for patients. Good posture maintains a balance of the muscles and skeletal system but takes awareness and training to maintain. Good posture makes doing normal activities and sports easier and more enjoyable.  Bad posture can make you look and feel older, larger, more tired and contribute to unusual compensation by the muscles, promoting stress points and predisposition to injuries.

Fact: Good Posture Will Help You Look And Feel  10 Years Younger

Simple stretches and movements can correct bad posture and promote a healthy musculoskeletal balance. Dr. Scheid will assign various stretches for each situation to sustain healing and promote the strength of the affected area to alleviate underlying chronic stress.
For those who swim, play baseball and softball, volleyball and other sports requiring the development of specific joints through repetitive motion, Dr. Scheid can help address the potential stressor predispositions and help create a balance of opposing muscles to maintain balance.
Even if you haven’t had a traumatic injury, Dr. Scheid can improve your health through a posture evaluation and maintenance program.

Posture and Degenerative Arthritis

Did you know that all of us are subject to degenerative arthritis? Some of us will develop it earlier due to genetic predisposition, but in all cases, it is possible to delay the progression of the disease through maintaining good posture and balance. Arthritis is caused by the build-up of bone, sometimes called spurs, at a joint where the body needs to over-compensate for stress and pressure in that particular area.
This photo shows the progression of arthritis of the spine.
Dr. Scheid evaluates your current posture, reviews joint issues with you, and can create a plan to help you bring your posture and as a result, your posture, into balance.

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