Sports, work or auto accident injury?

Dr. Scheid is skilled and experienced with sports, work and auto accident injuries from diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitation and recovery.

He will determine the extent of your injuries with a thorough exam, and then design a customized treatment and rehabilitation program for your condition. He uses state-of-the-art treatment techniques such as gentle motion adjustments and myofascial release, along with innovative stretching and strengthening exercises, to help you return to optimum health.

Dr. Scheid has provided effective pain relief for:
– sports injuries
– auto injuries
– back and neck pain
– shoulder/elbow pain
– knee, hip and leg pain
– tennis/golf elbow
– Carpal tunnel syndrome
– headaches

Dr. Scheid’s methods of pain relief have helped thousands of patients get out of pain and stay healthy. Our office accepts most PPO insurance plans and will work with you to process your claims.

Contact us at 562-594-4794 to schedule your appointment and return to a healthy and active lifestyle.